concepts of cybersecurity


The world today revolves around computers and uses digital technologies as storage for different types of data. We have data moving all around us almost all the time either from the internet or other means of data transfers, thus the need to secure the data and make sure it gets to its intended user exactly

programming concepts


Whenever computers are mentioned, we think about personal computers (PCs) and desktops. However, computers can refer to a range of devices including TVs, consoles, cameras, smartphones, etc. that perform specific tasks. A computer at its core is not as smart as the average user thinks. Computers need to be given specific instructions to carry out.

html and the web

Introduction to HTML and the Web

Statistics show that most internet users have wondered about the technology used to create such responsive and functional interfaces.Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)is essentially the foundation of all websites across the internet. The process of writing and maintaining this markup language is called web development. HTMLis a Markup language used by developers to structure the

html syntax and structure

Basic HTML Syntax and Structure

Understanding Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) syntax and how it is used to structure a webpage is important in learning web development as HTML is the backbone of webpages. In this article, we would study HTML syntax and structure to make you understand how HTML tags and elements are used to structure web pages and